What To Do For Memorial Day Weekend In Michigan – Make Memories, Have Fun

what to do for memorial day weekend in michigan

Are you attempting to cram as much into one of the most jam-packed Memorial Day weekends? Wondering what to do for memorial day weekend in Michigan.

Continue reading to learn about ten guaranteed enjoyable travel activities for youngsters and grown-ups—such as biking, golfing, boating, and more—we’ve got them all clad.

Here’s The Answer To The Question – What To Do For Memorial Day Weekend In Michigan

Plan Boating

The deli/convenience store in Elk Rapids has a wide selection of lunch, salad, and pizza, as well as many snacks to keep you going throughout the day.

Renting a boat at Torch River Marina allows you to consume the day researching Michigan’s second-largest and deepest lake.

On Memorial Day, drop anchor on the Alden sandbar at noon or throw a party at the south end’s famed sandbar, where it is said that former President George W. Bush swam in the nude and built his reputation as an environmentalist.

There’s no need to be concerned if you’re searching for a more peaceful experience; Torch Lake is famous for its isolation, with stunning vistas.

what to do for memorial day weekend in michigan
aerial view of detroit city with woodward ave

Take A Trip To Elk Rapids And Unwind On The Beach

Though Elk Rapids is a tiny town, it offers a lot of things to do. With an economy and way of life focused on the water, start your summer in the Northern Michigan hamlet with a beach day.

Why not try southern cuisine for your weekend breakfast or lunch? Pearl’s New Orleans Kitchen serves everything from cheesy grits, to Mardi Gras beads, king cake, and beignets.

The restaurant offers Sunday brunch and lunch every day except Monday, with hours starting at noon.

When you’ve taken enough sleep by a picnic, take advantage of the beautiful Lake Michigan beach in Elk Rapids: read or play racquetball at Veteran’s Memorial Park, situated near the town.

Take Your Bike For A Spin On Lake Michigan

The paved route travels along Lake Michigan’s northern shore from Charlevoix to Harbor Springs, passing through 26 miles of towns and communities. Starting in Charlevoix and returning to Petoskey is a wonderful way to see the area and the towns it passes.

Take the scenic 30-minute drive to the lakeshore village, leaving your car in Charlevoix and cycling or paddling the picturesque path. Take a detour into Petoskey before returning to enjoy some local shopping, especially noted for its soups and sandwiches at Cormack’s Deli.

Enjoy a relaxing walk along Bridge Street in Charlevoix, the town’s major commercial thoroughfare, after seeing the Upper Peninsula. Take a walk around the park-lined harbor and glance at Charlevoix’s historic Victorian buildings.

Take A Bike Or Walk Around Mackinac Island

Mackinaw Island’s compact size belies the fact that it is home to a remarkable variety of walking routes for hikers, horseback riders, and bicyclists.

Take a tour of the island’s perimeter on bicycles from The Mackinac Island Bike Shop, or explore the island’s interior, including Arch Rock and Skull Cave.

Take M-185, the state road that only permits bicycles and mopeds for 8 miles around to see stunning sights of the lake.

what to do for memorial day weekend in michigan
detroit aerial panorama during sunset

Although Mackinac Island will be jam-packed over the holiday weekend, you shouldn’t miss out on its merchants and restaurants.

Also, make a point of visiting the Grand Hotel and the Chuckwagon Restaurant for their historic significance and incredible architecture.

Observe The Petoskey Stone Festival

Takes place each year in Barnes Park in Eastport. Participate in the 5K run, watch a chainsaw artist perform, participate in the kids’ stone skipping competition, and search for stones at this fun event.

After the ceremony, go north to Petoskey to see Bayview’s ancient gingerbread homes.

If you’re searching for a fun way to spend the day, take a trip to Petoskey State Park for your own beach discoveries. Relaxing and getting your toes wet and sandy while watching the sunset at the lake is something special.

Click The Links

The weather is warming up in Northern Michigan, which is a fantastic time to hone your golf skills as spring approaches. Belvedere Golf Club is located just outside of Charlevoix and boasts gorgeous sceneries of Lake Michigan and rolling hills.

You can save money on the green fees between 3:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. by playing golf. There’s still plenty of light and tranquility before dark, so you may play every hole again.

There are various other lovely golf courses in Northern Michigan’s northern counties that may be visited this Memorial Day weekend.

Take A Trip In Time

If you like history, don’t miss the Fort Michilimackinac Pageant in Mackinaw City in the afternoon on Sunday, which is considered “the Nation’s longest-running and free Memorial Day interpretation.”

Enjoy Fort Michilimackinac’s re-execution, a Grand Parade, and breathtaking nighttime fireworks.

As you are thinking, about what to do for memorial day weekend in Michigan, and since you’ll be in the region anyhow, begin your journey at Mill Creek Historic State Park.

The park has reenactments of historical handsaws and sawmills, as well as 3 miles of attainable natural paths.

The Adventure Tour, which includes a Forest Canopy Bridge and an Eagle’s Flight Zip Line, will give you more adventure on your holiday.

what to do for memorial day weekend in michigan
law quadrangle university of michigan ann arbor aerial view

Make A Vacation To Beaver Island For The Holidays

For a more peaceful Memorial Day getaway, go to Beaver Island, a boat journey from the coast of Charlevoix, this year.

The island is best appreciated if you spend the night or stay at its lodges, but it is a nice day trip. The Beaver Island Lodge and Brother’s Place give it an old-fashioned atmosphere.

Visit the archipelago of islands and paddle among brilliant seas that attracted fishermen a century ago.

Spend hours trekking and biking on ancient winding pathways and two-tracks rather than renting a car, lazing about at a resort, or going for dinner in Waikiki.

Investigate Fishtown

The city of Leland, which was originally a fishing hamlet known as Fishtown, has been restored and preserved to its 19th-century condition. It is now dwelling to boutiques and restaurants.

The area surrounding Fishtown, on the banks of the Leland River, is Northern Michigan’s greatest bread-and-butter sandwich spot, go to the Manitou Islands on a ferry and enjoy an abundance of leisure activities!

Follow A Morning Memorial Service

Keep in mind the real purpose of Memorial Day, and attend a Memorial Day memorial service.

We’re sure, you need not worry anymore about what to do for memorial day weekend in Michigan, after reading this article.

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