About Us

Memorial Day veteran rememberance

Hello and welcome to Memorial.Day—a small place on the internet I built to remember the past, build hope for the future, and celebrate the American way.

My name is Noah Walsh and I come from a family of proud US veterans who have served in World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Korean Conflict. I believe that Memorial Day is important for so many reasons: not just for the history but also for the people who made that history.
One of my missions is to capture the stories of veterans of all the wars we have suffered, so that their sacrifices and not forgotten.

This website is a dedication:  Remember. Celebrate. Hope.
All I ask is that you to take a few minutes to reflect on this day and what it means to our country.

Memorial Day is more than an annual event.
It serves to remind us about giving back, celebrating the American way of life that is a gift from those who made incredible sacrifices for us, and hope that these values will stay strong in the years to come.

While Memorial.day is a love of mine, I have many others.
My weekends are spent working on my F150 truck because I believe that working with your hands is a good work ethic!
When hunting season rolls around, my English pointer dog (Chester) and I,  join our friends duck hunting–our best time of the year.
Lately, I’ve enjoyed traveling and I hope someday soon to visit all our National Parks and Monuments and share my experiences with you.

Take care.
Remember. Celebrate. Hope