Kansas City Memorial Day Events – 5 Top Things You Should Not Miss

Kansas City Memorial Day Events

Thousands of people descend to watch Kansas City memorial day events to attend a variety of entertaining activities commemorating our nation’s veterans.

Tallahassee is host to a variety of events, including parades and musical performances, as well as BBQ cook-offs and military history excursions.

The most well-known event is the ceremony at the National World War I Museum, during which individuals may pay their respects to those who died in battle.

Osawatomie is a small town in Kansas at the junction of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers, between Kansas City, Kansas, and St. Joseph, Missouri.

It’s a barbecue lover’s paradise, and it’s also called “The Barbecue Capital of the World.”

In recent years, the Historic Jazz District, which was once home to the sounds of jazz greats like Charlie “Bird” Parker and Big Joe Turner, has become home to a number of music outlets.

Kansas City Memorial Day Events

Another beautiful region is Westport, which offers a variety of things to do, including antique browsing and river cruises.

The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Arabia Steamboat Museum, and Toy and Miniature Museum are all located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas City Memorial Day Events For You:

Whether you’re a long-time resident or just visiting for the weekend, there’s something for everyone in this lovely city during Memorial Day Weekend. So please remember to make your reservations and join us in honoring this significant occasion!

1. National World War I Museum At Liberty Memorial

The National World War I Museum is near the bottom of the Liberty Memorial, a colossal Egyptian Revival-style monument erected to commemorate those who served and died in the conflict.

The museum houses relics, films, and other historical items that were accumulated between 1920 and the present day.

The exhibits and displays cover the conflict’s global impact, including a French farmhouse destroyed by a howitzer shell. This is an awesome part of Kansas City memorial day events.

The tourists may go inside the crater and re-enact six historical events that occurred there.

At the military museum, you’ll find a wide range of exhibits that represent both those who fought on the front lines and at home in World War II.

The devastation of the war is highlighted by a French military vehicle with a damaged German shell, weapons, uniforms, and personal belongings that soldiers carried into battle. The collection encompasses more than 75,000 objects in all and is one of the world’s largest.

Kansas City Memorial Day Events


LEGOLAND Kansas City is one of the city’s most popular family attractions for children and their parents Kansas City memorial day events, with more than 1.5 million LEGO bricks on display in a replica of the city.

The city’s most well-known monuments, such as Arrowhead Stadium, Country Club Plaza, Union Station, the World War I Memorial, and the Crown Center are all represented.

Attendees may converse with both instructors and kids, as well as participate in a variety of workshops for all levels of expertise and age. Young children can take portraits with their favorite LEGO characters at the event.

Throughout the day, visitors to the Forest Park Zoo’s 4D Cinema in the Forest Park Zoo may participate in a variety of activities, including a full sensory experience with each performance.

Scoundrels have kidnapped the princess in one of Kingdom Quest’s interactive adventures, and riders “zap” them to save her. Children may soar aloft in the Merlin’s Apprentice ride, and a virtual reality experience races across the world at breakneck speed.

Ninja “training camp,” a laser labyrinth with numerous physical activities, is ideal for youngsters who need to let out steam.

The Sealife Aquarium at the Crown Center has a 560,000-gallon tank with a walk-through ocean tunnel.

Visitors may view sharks, sea turtles, and other aquarium creatures from the transparent tube. There’s also a stingray pool to explore, as well as several fascinating exhibits to investigate.

Kansas City Memorial Day Events

3. Nelson-Atkins Museum Of Art

The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art is home to some of the world’s best collections, including those from North American, European, Asian, and African cultures.

The museum’s ancient art collection includes Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern objects dating from the second millennium BC. The ornate inner coffin of Meret-it-es is one of the newest Egyptian artifacts to be added to the collection.

The African art collection, which covers 2,500 years and contains more than 400 works in a variety of materials such as wood, ivory, and clay, is housed at the museum.

Baskets, pots, and intricate quill and beadwork are all examples of Native American art.

The museum’s European art collection includes works dating from the Middle Ages through the mid-nineteenth century, with a particular emphasis on 19th-century Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings and 17th-century Italian Baroque pieces.

The museum houses a variety of galleries showcasing Chinese, Japanese, and American art as well as other exhibits relating to both contemporary and modern art.

A trip to the magnificent grounds and sculptural park, where it is pleasant to walk about, play some sports, enjoy a picnic, or take a guided audio tour does not require an art lover to appreciate.

Kansas City Memorial Day Events

4. Arabia Steamboat Museum

A steamboat carrying 400,000 pounds of supplies for general stores in the Midwest sank just six miles before reaching Kansas City on September 5, 1856.

For more than 130 years, Arabia went unnoticed until a non-professional archaeologist discovered it buried beneath a cornfield for 45 feet.

The remains of the boat and its cargo were entombed in earth and kept as though they were in a time capsule after the river’s course was altered.

The museum’s pre-Civil War relics include everything from the tools and food that were a part of normal pioneer life.

The number of relics discovered was so great that the things are still cleaned by museum employees today.

The Museum of Broken Relationships is a museum located in Los Angeles, California, which focuses on documenting and exhibiting the history of failed relationships throughout time.

Visitors may see the technique in action, as well as new objects being added to the displays on a regular basis. The toys, tools, cookware, and even China sets are all housed in the museum’s collection.

The Mighty Missouri Museum has exhibits about the legendary days of steamboats on the Mighty Missouri, a river with hundreds of steamboat wrecks beneath its waters.

5. Science City

The Children’s Museum of Kansas City in Union Station is a must-see for families looking for Kansas City memorial day events. The exhibits explore a variety of scientific topics and are hands-on, allowing visitors to learn through doing.

The newest long-term exhibit is Force and Motion, a chamber where you may try physics concepts and laws.

The Every Last Drop exhibit examines water’s many features, from its capacity and movement to the various ways we use it and the need for conservation.

The Dino Lab will appeal to younger youngsters, who may learn about paleontology by excavating their own findings in the Den. The genetics lab’s Rock Wall and Touching Rocks exhibit will be a hit with the family.

Elaborate layouts, such as a living animal show including the daily routines of elephants and gorillas, a test kitchen where youngsters can learn about the characteristics of food, and a perplexing maze park, are just some of the other activities on offer.

The planetarium, an environmental education center, and special activities are all part of the attraction.


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