Things To Do On Memorial Day In Houston – 5 Top Things You Won’t Want To Miss

things to do on memorial day in Houston

If you’re seeking culture, cuisine, retail therapy, unusual attractions, or thrilling things to do on memorial day in Houston, you’ll not be disappointed.

Houston is a major city in the state of Texas, located on the Gulf Coast. It is home to the Space Center Houston, award-winning chefs, educational museums, and lovely green spaces.

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is located in a location that isn’t particularly attractive, but it’s close to several eateries and businesses.

If you’re in town for the Houston Rodeo, which takes place every March or April, you may attend one of the shows at Reliant Stadium or participate in one of the other activities.

With direct flights from all across North America, Houston is a fantastic place to visit for a weekend getaway.

Overnight in Houston is rounded off with a stopover at Galveston, about an hour south, for a mix of metropolitan and island activities. Check out our list of the city’s top sights if you want to know more about what to do in Houston.things to do on memorial day in Houston

Here Is The Comprehensive List For The Things To Do On Memorial Day In Houston:

1. The Museum Of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston is one of the finest museums of its kind in the country.

The Wilson Tunnel links the Audrey Jones Beck Building, which contains 63,000 pieces, with the Caroline Wiess Law Building, which also features its own design but is connected by it.

The Louvre is most famous for its collection of French and Italian Impressionist, Renaissance, and Baroque art. The great diversity of pre-Columbian and African gold relics is worth seeing.

There’s a lot to keep you interested and entertained if you like to go at your own pace; but if it all appears too much, sign up for a tour to see the main sights.

The Bayou Bend and Collections is a satellite gallery in River Oaks that houses furniture, decorative art goods, and paintings.

2. Houston’s Street Art

Street art, or graffiti, is famous in Houston. It’s wonderful.

This is where you’ll find the finest street art in Houston—the planet. You’ll come across both original and commissioned works from some of the greatest names in urban art throughout the United States, as well as abroad, including COPE2 and Houston’s own Gonzo247.

The bright paintings are painted on the shutters of businesses in many parts of town, and they’re well worth seeing.things to do on memorial day in Houston

Gonzo247, a world-famous graffiti artist, is the unheralded guardian of Houston’s street art.

He is a well-known street artist from Houston, Texas, who created the large “Houston Is Inspired” painting on Travis and Pr


eston Streets as well as the tiny “Houston” mural on Leeland and St. Emanuel Streets.

The roof garden serves as the centerpiece of a French-style park. The only other planting area on this lot is a grassy lawn in front and backyards of one-story homes on Chartres Street and St. Emanuel Street, which border it to the north.

There are several works by the artist on display in all corners of the city, from little posters to enormous murals.

3. Houston Museum Of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is a well-known sight in the city. The museum, which covers a wide range of topics that will appeal to everyone in your group, is an excellent family activity.

The Hall of Paleontology is the perfect place to view many complete dinosaur skeletons during your trip.

If you have the opportunity to seek things to do on memorial day in Houston, see the Cockrell Butterfly Conservatory, which houses over 1,500 docile butterflies that flutter about in humid air. If you’re lucky enough, one may land on you.

After seeing a show at the planetarium, unwind your legs and engage your senses with a movie at the Wortham Giant Screen Theater.

4. Unique Dining Experiences In Houston

Houston’s chefs have established the city as a culinary destination in the United States by mixing Thai, Tex-Mex, Korean and Japanese foods with Italian and Spanish cuisine.

Salsas, guacamoles, tortillas, and other Mexican foods are just a few of the more familiar types of cuisine you’ll find. There are many other world cuisines to try as well.

There are just too many fantastic eating alternatives to describe them all, but certain eateries stand out as being far too unusual not to mention.

At Xochi, located on the first floor of the Marriott Marquis Houston in downtown Houston and specializing in high-end Mexican cuisine, you may taste Oaxaca’s flavors.

The menu is quite diverse, with a wide range of options and some unusual choices to pique your interest.

For years, La Griglia has been a Houston favorite. For many years, it has been serving some of the city’s greatest Italian food.

Fresh fish is delicious in Houston since the city is so close to the Gulf of Mexico. One of Houston’s finest restaurants is Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, with three locations across the city.

Vibrant provides a large choice of meals for health-conscious consumers, such as salads, soups, and other foods. Gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and non-GMO meals are available at all times.

5. Galveston

Galveston’s magnificent beaches are about an hour away from Houston. Take a journey to Galveston for some sun, sightseeing, and dining at a seaside restaurant if you need a short holiday from the city.things to do on memorial day in Houston

On the bay’s southern edge, miles of the endless beach and superficial, blue water stretch out. The heart of the beach action is Pleasure Pier.

The Texas Seaport Museum, the Odesa Seaport Museum, and the Strand Historic District are among the other sights to see. Visit Moody Gardens if you’re going with your family.

You may also go on a guided bus trip to the island if you don’t own a car or simply want easier things to do on memorial day in Houston.

The Houston and Galveston Day Trip is a combination of sightseeing and a day trip to Galveston. This includes a tour on a double-decker bus of Houston, as well as free transportation within Galveston for personal exploration.

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