Tawas City Memorial Day Events – 5 Top Things You Should Not Miss

Tawas City Memorial Day Events

Tawas, Michigan, a Lake Huron beach town that is big on the joy the whole year, is one of the state’s secrets. Look no further if you’re searching for Tawas city memorial day events combining sparkling bay waters with big-time small-town charm.

Tawas City Memorial Day Events

The Tawas area, which is located on Michigan’s Sunrise Side, comprises the towns of East Tawas and Tawas City, as well as the city of Tawas City. It’s a lovely region with stunning scenery of sparkling blue seas with clean, well-kept public beaches along Lake Huron’s coast.

Cape May, located in New Jersey, was settled by European immigrants in the late 1600s and became a small fishing village. The area is also known as the “Cape Cod of the Midwest” for fair causes.

Tawas City will be hosting several events to commemorate Memorial Day this year. On Saturday, May 25th, a parade will depart from 10 am.

The rally will conclude at Veterans Memorial Park, which is located on Lake Street. There will be a ceremony to commemorate those who have served our country at the park. After the program, there will be a picnic lunch with free hot dogs and burgers for everyone in attendance.

On Sunday, May 26th, a concert in the park will feature the Tawas City Community Band at night. A car show and a 5k run will take place on Sunday, May 26th events.

The Tawas Point State Park Car Show and 5K Run will begin at 10 am in front of Tawas Area High School, with the 5k race beginning at 8 am at Tawas Point State Park. Everyone is welcome to participate in the celebrations!

Great Tawas City Memorial Day Events:

1. River Road National Scenic Byway

The River Road National Scenic Byway, which follows the legendary Au Sable River, runs through scenic countryside. The river was a westward passage into the Lower Peninsula of Michigan for French and American traders.

In northern Michigan’s “white pine era,” when the St. Joseph River was a major east-west transportation route for loggers, it carried massive quantities of timber down to sawmills on Lake Huron’s shores each spring.

The Au Sable River is a significant water pathway in this area today, with people using it for a combination of fun activities.

The park’s natural beauty is complemented by high-bank vistas, panoramic vistas of lush forests, and extended fishing ponds. The river’s flow is interrupted by a sequence of dams, which adds to the interest.

Tawas City Memorial Day Events

The American River is also notable for having three monuments to commemorate its historic importance — the Canoers’ Memorial, dedicated to those who navigated this wonderful river; Lumberman’s Monument, a monument to the people who worked in the forests. The Kiwanis Monument honors private citizens’ efforts to replant California’s land.

2. Newman Street

Newman Street in East Tawas’s main street is lined with old-fashioned beach-town charm. Shops along the major road crowded with visitors smell like homemade sweets and fudge.

John Newman Street is a road in Tawas City, Michigan. The name honors John Newman, one of the town’s founders.

Newman Street is home to a variety of merchants and restaurants, as well as the Tawas City Public Library. The street is also a popular shopping destination, with many boutiques and specialty stores.

Grab an ice cream cone and go for a stroll along the pier. The always-popular local five-and-dime, Mooney’s Ben Franklin, stands elbow to elbow with an eclectic mix of higher-end sportswear and home decor shops in competition for foot traffic.

3. Cape Cod Of The Midwest

The beautiful, shallow bay of Lake Huron’s Tawas Bay is famous as the Cape Cod of the Midwest for its picturesque, shallow bay ideal for water sports like sailing, swimming, paddle boarding, boating, and windsurfing.

If you are seeking Tawas city memorial day events, you must not forget fun-loving downtown East Tawas, home to a handmade chocolate store, shops, restaurants, and more.

The Village of Saginaw’s three beaches is accessible from the Lakeside Harbor. Located in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, this facility is a designated Clean Marina with a playground, fishing pier, picnic tables, park, and other facilities.

The Tawas Point Lighthouse, which is still in operation, and a variety of birds make Tawas Point State Park a must-see for bird lovers. A wide range of species of birds has been seen in the region, along with the rare Kirtland Warbler.

The Iosco County Historical Museum, which is located in Mena, Arkansas, is a little jewel that chronicles the area’s unique Native American history through unusual and intriguing exhibits.

The wonderful place is about three kilometers from the city of Center Line. The Corsair Trail Network, one of Michigan’s major groomed trails for walking and cross-country skiing, is located to the west of the region.

Tawas City Memorial Day Events

4. Tawas MI

Tawas is one of Michigan’s best-kept secrets, a Lake Huron beach hamlet that is big on Tawas city memorial day events.

The Tawas region is made up of the towns of East Tawas and Tawas City, Michigan, which are located on the Sunrise Side of Michigan.

It’s a lovely location, with a stunning marine landscape of sparkling blue seas, and clean, well-maintained public beaches hugging the Lake Huron shoreline.

Tawas is called the “Cape Cod of the Midwest” for good reason.

Tawas Point is a popular destination for tourists from out of state seeking genuine Michigan seaside experiences. With a long beach on both sides, it is known for its long, sandy beach. This is a major draw for tourists from all around the world looking for genuine Michigan seaside fun.

If you’re seeking a great Michigan beach retreat that mixes glittering sea waters, the Tawas area is the finest option.

5. Tawas Bay

It’s not only breathtakingly turquoise, but Tawas Bay, which is both the centerpiece of the Tawas region and a major draw for tourists and water activity enthusiasts looking to splash around in the waves, is also an enticing attraction for Tawas city memorial day events.

The Tawas region is a popular vacation destination for people from all over the country who enjoy the resort atmosphere of this beautiful beach getaway.

The Tawas Bay area is a popular fishing and boating destination because of its central location on the bay: during the summer, the big city basin and broad pier are filled with people – and so are parts of the fall.

The community is permeated with nautical air. References to it may be found in the downtown merchants and restaurants on Newman Street (the major thoroughfare) outside of East Tawas Park, which is named after James R. Newman, an oil tycoon who was born in nearby Manistique from the period of 1900 to 2000.

Just before the Tawas Point State Park, you’ll discover two more marinas: Tawas Bay Yacht Club and Jerry’s Marina.

The 11-mile Tawas Bay Pedestrian and Bicycle Path, which runs along the coast from Tawas City to Au Gres for 16 kilometers, is one of the most popular ways to explore this region.

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